Defoor Centre?

Hi, I'm a newbie here.  Recently engaged and trying to find a reception site near in or near Midtown.  On an online search I've stumbled across Defoor Centre and it looks great! But, I don't know much about it.  Has anyone been here or is anyone planning a wedding here?  Anything thoughts would be helpful.  Also, does anyone know anything about the costs?  Thanks for your help. 

Re: Defoor Centre?

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    It's a very pretty venue.  You can use either the Forum room, which is a large round room with big chandelier and stage, or the Encore room, which is a loft.  There's also a bar area in between the 2 rooms.  You can use the same room for both ceremony & reception or split it between the 2.  From what I have seen around the Atlanta area their pricing is pretty good.  You can do seated dinner starting at $36pp or buffet dinner starting at $33pp.  Heavy hors d'oeuvres start at $35pp.  Add 6% tax and 18% gratuity to those. Michelle is the coordinator there and she is great to work with.  All these prices include the wedding cake.   Also they don't charge for a lot of extras like the other places - no cake cutting fee, no charge for colored linens, and you can use their black candelabras for centerpieces at no charge. 
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