20-24" tall Cylinder vases

I'm looking for cylinder vases for my daughter's wedding in May for the centerpieces.  Ordering them online is out of the question...the shipping costs more than the vases themselves! 

Does anyone have any locally they're interested in selling?  We've looked at Hobby Lobby and Michaels...and they have one or two, but not the 20 that I need.  Ikea has something on their website but it's out of stock in Atlanta.  Are there any other local stores I can go to and buy them?  A floral supply place that sells to the public maybe?

Thanks for your help!!

Re: 20-24" tall Cylinder vases

  • Have you tried ordering in bulk from Michael's?
  • I have 16 hurricane globes im selling.  I got them at Old Time Pottery.
    It closed in the Atl area, but I still think they have one in Marietta.  Its worth it to check it out.  I got all 16 of mine there and they had TONS more, so you should be able to get the 20 you need --- VERY reasoanble prices as well.
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