How much should it cost?

So I have my first fitting today and I anticipate only needing a bustle... How much should in look to spend on a simple bustle? It's not that I'm being cheap I just don't want to get ripped off paying 300 for a bustle or something. My bridal salon has in house alterations as well. forgive the lack of paragraphs as I'm on my phone
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Re: How much should it cost?

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    There really is no set answer when it comes to alterations because it depends on so many things. The fabric is probably one of the biggest factors, as is the type of dress (a-line versus mermaid/sheath). If you have delicate lace, scalloped hems, lots of layers, things like that, it complicates the process and thus makes it more pricey. 

    What kind of bustle do you want? French? American? American is the simple kind where you just loop the skirt over a button near the small of your back, whereas French consists of a series of ties under the dress. American is probably cheaper, but is more likely to rip if someone steps on your dress. French is a little more complicated and thus probably more costly, but it has a better hold. 

    My dress is satin A-line, pretty simple. I went to Dora Baker in Lawrenceville and she charged my $200 for a hem, adding boning, taking in the dress (10 inches!), a French bustle, and spot cleaning/pressing. So I would say, based on that, you would be being overcharged if you paid $300 for JUST a bustle!!!
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  • I had a simple bustle and only cost me $10 for the seamstress to do. I don't know where you're located, but I went to an alterations shop that was in the small plaza on Highway 78 in Stone Mountain (right behind the Shell Gas station). If you go to an alterations shop, it's usually MUCH cheaper.
  • Having a bustle done by the alterations department at a bridal salon is going to cost you around $150-$200. I agree with the previous post about going to an alterations shop. My lady only charged me $100 to take my dress in a size or two and put in a 5 point french bustle.
  • Thanks ladies! I ended up only needing a bustle and it cost 150. Not bad... It was a cross between a French and American. American wasn't enough and French was too much for me. It's nice though.
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