Off Beat Atlanta Wedding Pic Locations

Hey everyone.   I'm looking for off beat wedding pic locations.  I've looked into The World of Coke, but you have to pay.  I called. :(  I can't afford to pay for everyone in the BP and the photogs to take some pictures for an hour.

I've been in contact with the Zoo and I'm waiting to hear back from them - but this isn't my first choice.

I'm also looking at restaurants that have a cool and unique look, like Johnny Rockets or something like that.  I would really love a fair, but the ones I've seen are too far out for me, like Cummings.

Can you think of anything that would be a great backdrop for pics?  Like in Cabbagetown or Sweet Auburn?  I want to stick with something urban and/or kitschy. 


Re: Off Beat Atlanta Wedding Pic Locations

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