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I am getting married on 11.11.11 in Roswell and I need a photographer for that night. Nothing too fancy.. My MOH is a photgrapher but she wants to be able to enjoy herself, no pressure on her. Can anyone recommend someone if I dont need the package with engagement photos, etc.

Re: Photography under $800

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    Rebecca Bunch. :)
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    That's a tough find girlfriend.  Though here are my favorites - Zach Long - Christopher Brock - Our Labor Of Love

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    MeganJ26 used
    I think she posts on the atlanta nest if you want to page her. She might even have a link to her photo library. HTH!
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    Don't forget to check Craigslist for budding professional photographers willing to do weddings for free to build their portfolio.
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    Am I missing something?  I love the style of Our Labor of Love, but their packages are way over $800, right?

    If not, then I'll be one happy girl! haha
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    Try Jessica Worthan Photography on facebook! She is wonderful, did my engagments and my best friend's wedding! She is definately up and coming and someone to watch out for!
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    I know someone trying to build her portfolio and is offering a great package for $750 which includes engagement photos. Her name is Leslie. Her website is
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Photography under $800</a>:
    [QUOTE]Am I missing something?  I love the style of Our Labor of Love, but their packages are way over $800, right? If not, then I'll be one happy girl! haha
    Posted by mallory319[/QUOTE]

    <div>LOl... sorry I just listed some of my favorite photographers.  Our Labor of Love is fantastic like the rest I listed.  If I were you I would not short cut on your photography because they are your ONLY memories you will walk away with.  Cut corners somewhere else so that you can afford a pro that has a LONG resume of weddings.</div><div>
    </div><div>I would not consider a wedding photographer that is trying to build their portfolio.  They would lack experience in a demanding environment that has NO ROOM for error. You only come down the isle once with your father, you only kiss for the first time once, etc...</div><div>
    </div><div>Sorry for the ramble.  Just my two cents. </div><div>
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    Maybe you can check with the photography department at Scad or the Art Institute for a student?
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    my photog, he's awesome
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    I just posted on another site but I'm using Pro Deo Creations. I have them for 5 hours for $600. If yours is just for a few hours I'm sure it would be significantly less than $800. I get all the images on a DVD, the originals and the ones the edit for me, plus they put them online so me and my friends to view - oh and there are two photographers. A friend of mine used them for her wedding in New York (she flew them out there) and her photos were amazing. They did our engagment photos too and we loved them.

    Hope this helps!
  • do NOT use rebecca bunch/fritz photo atl. she was unresponsive leading up to the wedding, hard to get a hold of, and seemed extremely uninterested. then, day of, same thing. instead of working to capture the moments of the day, i would see her just sitting down, etc. the pictures turned out ok, but nothing like the beautiful fantastic ones that most people end up with. you definitely get what you pay for. 
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  • A big factor is the amount of time you want to book the photographer for.  Have you tried one of those services websites where you just answer a few basic questions and they send your request out to several vendors?  I think a tool like that would be great because you will get several quotes and can weed out those outside of your budget, and secure someone within your budget.
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