Wedding Venue HELP!!

My fiance and I are on a budget but I still want this fairytale wedding I've had my heart set on.  I have a large family that protocol dictates I invite and I have no idea where to look for a place to have our wedding. If I could afford it I would have my wedding in a castle in Wales, but sadly I dont have that kind of cash. 
We also have a problem in the fact that when my fiance graduates he will be shipped off to Officer Candidate School for the Navy. Then everything is all hazy because we have no clue if they are going to treat him like his friends before him and have him wait 3-4 months before his specialty school or if they will immediately send him. So that translates to us needing a place that will work with us should we have to change our date. 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Wedding Venue HELP!!

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    check out lake lanier islands
    we are having our wedding there on oct 30th and are very happy with their service and prices. They have indoor and outdoor locations right on the lake, amazing scenery.
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    How much are you spending to have your wedding at lake lanier? I wanted to look into lake lanier, but am afraid it will be too much.  
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