Price for open bar, thoughts?

$25pp for four hours of beer and wine versus $37pp for four hours of beer, wine, and liquor. Part me of thinks liquor is not necessary given that this is at a brewery so the beer is good beer (and I feel like 37 is just too much money). Another part of me feels like I'm being cheap and some of my family/friends (albeit few because many of them happily drink beer) will be disappointed. Thoughts?

Re: Price for open bar, thoughts?

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    Serving just beer and wine is perfectly fine. Although some here disagree, I don't think that people are necessarily entitled to booze at a wedding. You're generously providing them with wine and beer, so don't feel pressure to spend money you're not comfortable spending. :)
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    Beer and wine is totally fine, and if people are disappointed, so be it. It's your day and if you don't want to spend the money, don't.
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    Agreed with the PP.  Beer and wine is perfectly acceptable.  I also think $37 is high for beer/wine/liquor, but that's just my personal opinion.  My venue is $27 for beer/wine/liquor and $21 for beer/wine only, so there isn't much a difference between the two.  I think it just depends on how many guests you're inviting, and if you have room in your budget for the additional cost.  But don't feel bad if you don't choose liquor, your guests will be be happy with any free drinks, and happy that you didn't opt for a cash bar ;)
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    Its your wedding, do as you please. Just remember that you cant please everyone, so no need to go spending what you cant afford or don't feel comfortable with. That day should be about you and your FI's  wonderful union, not providing free booze to the masses Smile
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    I went to an amazing wedding that only served beer and wine. I promise you that is NOT what stands out as my best or worst memory of the wedding. I remember sharing a beautiful ceremony and reception with two beautiful friends. And NO ONE complained that there was only beer and wine. In fact, everyone was impressed that there were actually more than just Bud Light and white zinfandel as our only two choices. LOL
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    This would be an easy choice for me - skip the spirits. It seems like the problem drinkers all want the hard stuff; weddings aren't about getting drunk. (You can be sure that people who HAVE to have spirits will find a way to bring in their own.)

    And since you are getting married at a brewery, people aren't as likely to expect more than beer and wine anyway.

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    Is it possible to provide the liquor/beer/wine and just hire a bartender?
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