Angela Wilson Photography - DO NOT HIRE

I hired Angela Wilson Photography for my wedding and was very disappointed. When my now husband and I met them, they seemed very enthusiastic and friendly. We were excited to work with them, but the experience was very frustrating. We had a great engagement photo session, but it took several months to get the printed book. I was fine being a low priority because I didn’t really need the photos, and I figured, she’s busy with wedding photos, and when it’s my wedding, then I’ll be the top priority!

 I should have known that things wouldn’t be different. It took 6 months to get our wedding album.  And the process was horrifying. She missed deadline after deadline. I’d have to send the same notes/changes several times because she would miss them the first time. So it would take even longer by the time all the original changes were requested. And, on top of that, Angela was very unprofessional. To the point of hanging up on me! I can admit that I was a demanding client, but I never raised my voice or was rude with her. She didn’t show me the same respect. I would not recommend Angela Wilson Photography. Working with them turned what should be a fun and creative process into a very stressful experience. There are many excellent photographers available, so don’t waste your time with Angela Wilson Photography.
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