DO NOT HIRE Shebia Clark of Enormous Affairs.

I hired Shebia Clark of Enormous Affairs in Smyrna, Georgia . The relationship became strained and a week before the wedding I terminated the contract with her as the wedding planner. At this point, I had paid her $1000 and asked her to send me an accounting of how much she believed she had earned out of the $1000. She sent me an itemized expenditure list and calculated a total of 790.11 as money earned, and a total of $209.89 as money owed back to me which she had not earned. The separation agreement stated that she would send a check for $209.89 within 45 days of the agreement. That would have been before or by November 21, 2011. The following correspondences ensued:

November 21, 2011: I emailed her inquiring on the status of the check
November 222, 2011: she responded and said she’ll mail it in a few days
November 29, 2011 Check still not received. I followed up with another email
December 1, 2011: She responded asking me to verify my mailing address and that she’ll send the refund via Bill Pay because the Post office has been inconvenient.
December 7, 2011: Check still not received. I followed up yet again with another email, reminding her that those funds were not ‘earned’ and should have been available for refund immediately after the termination
December 13, 2011: No response from December 7th email. I sent another email checking on the status of the check and stated this was the last email I would be sending to her.

I still have not received the check yet and I am utterly disappointed and disggusted at her lack of professionalism and the mishandling of clients funds. At the very basic level, that money had not been earned and she had no right to meddle with those funds. It’s unsavory, unethical, and very bad business practice.

Re: DO NOT HIRE Shebia Clark of Enormous Affairs.

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