The Grande at Kennesaw?

Hi Knotties,

Does anyone know of someone who's had their wedding or been to a wedding at The Grande at Kennesaw?  I've visited this venue and would like to see some real life wedding pics or hear of personal experiences.  


Re: The Grande at Kennesaw?

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    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding at The Grande. It was a beautiful, fun wedding, one of the best I've been to. The bride did it on quite a small budget, and from what she said, the people there were awesome and easy to work with. Only thing is, it's really only a good spot for a small wedding. She had about 60 people max.
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    Hey, I'm a former Grande bride.  I haven't been on the boards in ages, but I thought I'd lurk and saw your post.  Hoping my siggy is still active, as it will have links to pics.

    It was a great venue and they were super easy to work with.  I had 130 guests, and we fit just fine (with indoor/outdoor seating).

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me amygriz409 at gmail dot com!
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