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Hey! I haven't posted in a while, we're excited to get married. My fiance and I do catering so we know everyone in the business, so we have our photographer, musician, catering friends to do our food at the cost of the food, tent rental, linens I'm borrowing from a friend, my dress, etc, WE JUST NEED THE PLACE! We've toured practically everywhere, and it's normally $3,000+ venue rental and they're picky. I have a few in mind, but thinking of doing what my mom had a suggestion which is to rent a house/cabin in the mountains and everyone go up there to get married likeside, mountain side, etc. That way we can bring it all. I just want a place where there's outdoors, nice beautiful place to get pictures, flowers, garden like, you get the point. I'm getting depressed a bit because we're busy this time of year and so no more real planning time until like Janurary. I want to get married before it's too hot in the summer, any help please ladies, I don't want my wedding to get postponed anymore. I want to get that venue, and let my friends and family know when and ta da! Here comes this bride!

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    I need a place near Gwinnett or up to an hour from near here, north GA mountains would be fine. That is similar to this place I just found:
    You can rent them just venue only, for $750, I love the pictures on here. Very cute! I need a place like this but closer to me. I don't want my grandparents to have to be in a car ride for that long of a drive.
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    Try Roswell River Landing.  Not sure of your date but they book up well in advance. It's $900 to use the space...both indoor and out. They have all the tables and charis. You just need to provide linens, decorations, flowers.

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    I appreciate that suggestion. I haven't gone to check it out personally yet, I was busy the day my fiance catered a wedding there recently. He said the space ended up kind of small unless you use the outdoor, and loft area. Which might be nice. I don't want to have to split up my guests if possible. I also have looked at this place another couple we know of getting married, which is the duluth festival center. I haven't thought about that before. They have banquet rooms, anyone know about them? How the workers are? I love the area there, open, grassy, pretty. I'm wanting to marry in April or May, but it's down to the under 6mo timeline. We have everyone else figured out pretty much so no big deal I just want to get the date and place picked already. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL ADVICE!!! ;)
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    Don't know how many guests you have but you could also try Little Gardens, KTN Ballroom, Vines Mansion, or 550 Trackside.
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    I suggest if you plan on renting a house, you inform the property owner that you are hosting a wedding.  Also, keep in mind that many residential homes' sewers aren't set up for a large group of people. 
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    Thanks for the advice, I'm changing my date to October so I can have the fall wedding I've always wanted. We've been busy catering other weddings/events that we haven't had the time this fall to plan in order for our planned of thought april wedding. I'm still looking for a venue, I've found a few vrbo rentals that have done weddings before at their places which would be unique, different. Thanks again for your suggestions and comments fellow brides! I'm excited I get to plan my fall wedding. Off to bed...I'll help reply more later to other boards. Together we will plan our days and have fun doing it, and trying not to stress out!
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