anyone been to New Natalies??

My Sister in law recommended New Natalies and we have an appt this saturday.  She bought a Maggie Sottero for fraction of the price. Just wondering if anyone has had an experience worth sharing there? and if they have a good selection of plus size gowns to try on?  Do you buy off the rack or order and how long does it take if you order? My wedding is in march...EEEKK!

Or suggestion of other places with good selection of plus size dresses to try on. I do not want to order out of a catalog. and dont have time to waste going to places w/o plus sizes bc I am running out of time!!!

Thanks and happy planning!!!

Re: anyone been to New Natalies??

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    I was very happy with David's Bridal. I went to the one in Kennesaw and they were very professional and friendly. The selection of plus sized dresses was mind blowing. You do buy off the rack, but the dresses are great quality.

    I've heard good things about New Natalies, but I've never actually been there. 
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    I went to DB and found one dress that I LOVE how it fits but is really plain, so I just dont have that "this is it" feeling so I wanted to try somewhere else.
    If I dont get the feeling on my next try i will get the one at DB and accesorize heavily or add to the dress.
    I had a good experience when I went to try on wedding gowns but when i took my bridal party to pick dressses it was way too busy and we were rushed, it was overwhelming

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    The best places are below and in this order:

    Sweet Elegance (Decatur, GA)
    La Raine's Bridal Boutique (Atlanta, GA)

    Also, I have a brand new size 14 dress that I am selling if you are interested. I found another dress:

    Link to dress:">

    At Sweet Elegance, I paid $1789 for this gown. I will sell for $1,500.
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    New Natalies is great (to me) but if you're looking for a "Say Yes to the Dress" type of experience don't go. 

    I call New Natalies the "wal mart" of bridals... everything you can think of is in there but don't go expecting stellar service or a "I'm the bride it's about ME" exeperience. 
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    I second juandasmith's reccomendation. Sweet Elegance is the best for prices AND service and La Rain's is also very good.
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    I agree with Soon2BSand. If you go during the week you will probably receive better service. They do offer a large selection of plus sized gowns, and they have have a few that can be purchased off the rack.
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    I went to New Natalies and they had a huge selection of dresses, and a very large plus size section.  They have a room where you can buy the dresses that day and take them home.  They also had a pretty good selection of plus sized gowns in that room.  Otherwise the dresses on the floor are goin to be ordered...I got my dress from another store and they said it would take 4 months to come in...but I know you can rush order dresses if you need to.
    good luck, hope that helps.
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    I just purchased my dress there this weekend! I had awesome service and found my dream gown at a FRACTION of the price. I recommend them!
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    I went to day and found my dress!! My consultant was new, only her 2nd day but she was still really good. she listened to me and didnt pressure me. I think the customer service was good and more personal than DB. we had to order the dress but was anle to change the shipping so it will be here mid FEB!!!
    Thankseberyone and I do recommend New Natalies.
    Will be going back Saturday to shop for veil and headpiece
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