Looking for an affordable caterer....

Hello- I'm trying to find a local caterer with a southern menu for around $2,000 to feed 100 guests. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :-)

Re: Looking for an affordable caterer....

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    Hey Katie! I found this great woman named Danielle! She is doing EVERYTHING for my wedding and she is VERY reasonable. For $2000 and 120 people she is doing my decorations, dj, food, linens, tableware, and plenty of other things that I have forgotten lol. Her website is just found a list of things in an email she sent me so you can check her out. Just tell her that Shawny referred you (maybe she will knock some money off of my total lol) I think her phone number is listed on her website. Good luck! :-)

    Here is the list she sent me:
    1. Buffet dinner w/ appetizers - from selected menu
    2. Tablecloths silk or polyester (any colors)
    3. Table overlays or runners silk (any color)
    4. Chair Covers silk or polyester (limited colors)
    5. Chair bows/sashes silk (any color)
    6. Cloth Napkins (any color and a selection of folding styles)
    7. Real plates, glasses and silverware
    8. Serving supplies chafing dishes, etc.
    9. Flowers any style and color
    10. Centerpieces (many to choose from)
    11. Draping
    12. Event staff (up to 6hrs.)
    13. Table numbers or reserved
    17. Wedding website
    18. DJ for up to 6hrs
    14. Personalized Party Favors (many to choose from)
    15. Table chargers ( gold or silver)
    16. Candles (many to choose from)
    17. Punch Fountain
    18. Arch or coloums or both
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  • I'm using The Master's Table. It's costing me under $1800 to feed 100 people (including service). Depending on your food selections it could definitely be less than that.
  • Clear Catering is awesome!!! They offer additional bridal, wedding services too. And they hooked me up with my florist and had suggestions for hair/make up professionals too. And very reasonable! We are doing BBQ for under $15/person. Tell Lana Carly sent ya!
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