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Cocktail Hour Activities?

I am set on having a cocktail hour because I don't want to see Scott before I walk down the aisle. My grandmother thinks I should just let people start eating in the main room but this just seems so anti-climatic to me. I want an entrance dammit. Haha. Anyway, that's not what this thread is about. I'm wondering if I have enough planned for guests to do during this time. 

We will have the guests in the bar/lounge area while the DJ sets up in the (closed off) main room. Drinks and hor'sdevours will be served during this time. We'll have an iPod playing, hooked up to some speakers since we're trying to save a little money with the DJ, plus this way it will be more subtle so guests can talk. I guess this would also be a good time to have a table set up for guests to sign a guitar (Scott plays, I sing!) before we arrive. 

Is this enough as is? I know they will be able to munch and mingle but should I include anything else? We will hopefully take less than an hour because we'll be doing some pictures (me and the girls and him and the guys, some of the BMs and GMs together) beforehand. 
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