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I am really having a hard time figuring out what I want to do for BM gifts. I have 6 bridesmaids. I already bought them totes with their initials on them that are really cute. I am debating on getting them each a wristlet that fits their style and also getting them cute flats to wear during the reception.

OR I was going to pay for their hair and makeup and not get the wristlet and flats for the reception. I know some people say that if you are expecting your girls to get their hair and makeup done then you should pay for it but thats not really how my group of friends and family have done it. And I should say that I am not making them get their makeup and hair done but it seems like they all want to get both done. I am having hair and makeup people come to my mom's house the day of.

So which do you think is a better idea? Buying them wristlets and flats? Or paying for their hair or makeup?

Thanks! I am starting to stress out about this!

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    Speaking from my personal experience, I gave them mongrammed tote bags and personlaized wooden tile jewelry boxes.  I did not pay for their hair and makeup.
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    If they wear wristlets, then that would be nice. However shoes are not a great idea because they're such a personal choice and can be really tricky to fit.
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    the brides of the weddings I was in paid for my hair & makeup.  Unless money isnt really an issue for your BMs i would suggest to pay for this instead of getting them a wristlet.  i spent a shtiton on both weddings so saving the $100 on hair & Makeup was awesome.

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    Wristlets- are cute if reusable. If you are going to get them to be used for wedding day.. I would skip it unless it's a every day color. Flats I would skip because of size issues. I did Old Navy flip flops, because all of my BMs wear them (and they are black) and I knew there sizes in the flip flops. I would just hate to invest money and the girls not be able to wear them...

    As for hair and makeup. I had 10 BMs and a flower girl. I couldnt afford to pay for all of their hair and make up. I told every girl the prices months out and gave them the option. One of my BM choose to get her hair and makeup some where else then come up and get ready with us. I think if you give them the option and they choose to get it done there you DONT HAVE to pay for it. But if you can afford to, it would be a nice savings for the BMs.

    The wedding I was in August, we paid for our makeup, bride paid for our hair...

    I have also heard of brides paying for a mani/pedicure for the BMs as part of their gifts...

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    My FSIL gave me a necklace from this designer as an engagement present and I absolutely love it - it's unique but simple which is my style.  The designer's etsy store says she will be adding more things in early 2011 so there's not much that you can buy online right now, but her items are sold in various places in PA and NJ.  I'm going to get pieces for each of my bridesmaids that reflect their personalities.

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    My mother is paying for the BMs to have their hair done... and I'm going to buy them each a necklace from Etsy.  I'll probably do something else small for them, too, but I haven't decided what yet.  For my FG I was going to get her some necklace at Claire's and then something for her to play with.  Maybe coloring book & crayons so she has something to do during rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/reception. 
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    Hi date twin :)

    I have two bridesmaids and I'm going to buy their BM dresses (most likely from jcrew) and pay for their makeup. It's enough that I'm making them travel, get hotel rooms, etc. I feel like they shouldn't have to shell out anything else to be in my wedding.
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    Thanks for the advice. The wristlets would be everyday ones that I know they would like. I know their styles pretty well. And maybe I will pay for hair or makeup and skip the flats - that may be a little more personal.
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    I just bought my BMs a heart necklace from Tiffany's.  They were about $100 each. Tiffany's are a customer of my company and for today only our employees were able to get 15% off anything from them.  It's something my BMs would never buy themselves and I think they will be excited to get the little blue box. It's not something I expect them to wear at the wedding.  I'm getting them separate jewelry for that that is really just costume jewelry.  But for their "gift" I wanted something special for them that hopefully they would always have but is not matchy matchy or specifically related to my wedding.  Hope this helps!
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