Married Ladies... where did you get your dress altered? what did you have to have done? how much did it cost? recommend your seamstress here!!! i dont know if i should just get my dress altered in the store i bought it or bring it somewhere else... i dont want to spend the $ if i can get it done cheaper elsewhere!

back story- i was in a wedding almost 3 years ago and the dress that i had altered was falling down by the middle of the reception... seriously glad one of the other bm had the silly spaghetti straps that the dress came with in her purse i think the top part that was altered didnt stay in! i dont know what happened but i dont want it to happen on my wedding day!!!
 i know i will need a hem, cups added and the bodice taken in... i seriously think they ordered me a size or 2 too big!!! the sample fit perfectly so they ordered it in that size but when it came in IT IS HUGE and i didnt lose weight!

Re: Alterations

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    I was recommended Nilah (by my wedding coordinator and the board)... I am meeting with her in September, so I can't speak to cost and quality of work, but they have been attentitve via e-mail

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    If you're able/happy to go over the bridge, I've been getting dresses altered by Fashion Stitch in Mount Laurel, NJ for years.  Mrs. Min is really talented and very reasonable. 

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    I second Fashion Stitch too! It's a small shop in NJ, but she did a great job with my dress alterations. She hemmed mine, took about 3 inches in and bustled it, steamed it and the cost was $285. She is very reasonable.
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