Same day Bridal shower and Bachlorette Party

My cousin who's my best friend moved away I want her to be a part of both but she can't fly in if they are separate weekends. What are your thoughts ?
I figured it's going to be hard and expensive to squeeze them into the same day but I can get my hair done once instead of twice, buy only one outfit and a party may happen after the shower anyway.

Re: Same day Bridal shower and Bachlorette Party

  • I gonna be honest with you, I was exhausted after my bridal shower.  It's a lot of smiling and visiting and pretending to be surprised to recieve stuff you specifically asked for. 

     Do you have enough hours in the day to do it?  Sure.  But that is A LOT in one day.
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  • I agree with Amer. I was exhausted after my shower. But my friend did it because her sister / MOH could only come in once. They didn't go too hard for the bach party though. Dinner and some drinks.
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  • I was really tired after my shower as well.  

    I didn't have a proper b-party due to me living in London/ my girls living in Boston and western PA.  
    We went out the day before the wedding and had lunch did manis pedis.  TBH I really needed it since my mom is BSC, I needed to get away from her.  
  • I don't plan on a large shower, my wedding guest list is under 100 people. I also won't have gifts to open, I'm registering at boscovs travel for our honeymoon only. So more like a light brunch bridal shower.
  • I personally wouldn't want to have both events in the same day but I understand you want someone to be at both.  I would poll your BMs to see how they feel about doing both in one day.
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