Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Now's the time to talk about your week...
Why you're glad it's Friday (or maybe why you aren't glad)! And your plans for the weekend-WR and NWR!
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Re: Happy Friday!

  • I'm really glad it's Friday... I hardly worked this week, but I'm still exhausted. I only work til 3:30 today, which is good... usually I work til 6:30 on Fridays. I really want to go home and nap until I see FI later.

    I got my church, venue and photographer contracts and deposits in this week. I'm hoping to schedule our engagement pictures ASAP. I'm hoping we can get them done mid May when FI has a break between the end of finals and his graduation... after that, he immediately starts bar exam prep. I can't wait for the end of July for him to be finished!

    We don't have much planned for the weekend. One of the families I work for just had another baby on Tuesday and mom and baby are coming home from the hospital today. I might go over and meet the baby on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that. Other than that, it'll be the usual cleaning and relaxing. I'd like to get my spring clothes out of the attic and maybe even go shopping for new stuff. I need a new wardrobe! I don't really have any wedding related plans for the weekend. As of next week, it's probably time to book a DJ and start thinking about a florist.
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  • Saturday is a Community Easter Egg then my niece(flower girl)'s 5 birthday party. I'm debating giving her the "Flower girl" T-shirt I made for her already. We bought Hanes t-shirts in purple and my mom ironed on the beaded labels.

    Sunday, we're having a small BBQ at my house. Invited the wedding party basically. That's about as WR as it gets.

    I put the deposit on the hall a few weeks ago, scheduled the engagement photos and secured the florist for my date. This week, I was obsessed with Songs and lyrics. Every song has a meaning and I want to be sure that the songs I pick don't have the wrong message.


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  • I'm glad it's Friday aren't I always :) FI and I got another appointment with a videographer next month so we will be meeting with 2 in the next couple of weeks. I contacted a florst because you ladies made me nervous so I just wanted to get an idea of what price range my "ideas" were getting into so I now have an appointment with a florist next month as well. So we have our ceremony site, venue, photographer and my dress out the way. I think after getting the videographer and florist booked I can truly relax for the rest of the year LOL.
    I have no plans for this weekend WR or NWR
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  • WR-I've been working to set up photographer and dj appointments for the next time I'm in the area (April 14-15).  Any affordable photographer or dj recommendations are welcomed :)  My parents mailed out all of the engagement party invites the other day so my friends and family should start receiving them soon.

    NWR-I'm visiting my college this weekend (university of maryland-college park) to help with my sorority's initiation.  It should be fun, but its been a couple years so I hope I remember what to do.  I'm also spending Saturday night visiting one of my best friends from college in Annapolis.  (She's going to be one of my BMs I just haven't asked her yet)

  • This weekend is all WR.  We have pre-cana tonight and all day tomorrow.
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  • I mailed my invitations on tuesday and already got 3 RSVPs' back.
    This weekend we are going to the poconos with the kids.  First weekend I won't be doing anything wedding related.

    I did get my dress fitting done on Tuesday night only to find out I need to lose weight.  My bust needs to either be taken out or I have to lose more than 10LBS.
    I'm on a strict diet for the next month. :(

    For next week, i'm hoping that my birth certificate arrives from Puerto Rico so I can order my passport.  We are hoping book a last minute honeymoon to Jamaica.
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  • I AM ON VACATION!!!!!! Going to St. Martin for 6 days. Off from work for 10. I cannot wait to ave a NWR moment. 

    I think we have narrowed down a date and a venue, however this would push the wedding up to Aug instead of Sept. Maybe while we are away he will be inpired to have a destination wedding, which will be fine with me. 
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