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I already know about blue nile, but can anyone recomend a place to get a wedding band with conflict free diamonds.  Esp one that isnt' that much more expensive than regular jewlers.

Re: conflict free ring

  • I got my ring at Brilliant Earth.  They were a pleasure to work with and I compared prices and they were actually less expensive.  In addition to conflict free diamonds, they only work with environmentally friendly recycled metals.  They also donate a portion of the profits to Africa.Definitely check them out!
  • Ask your local jewellers which diamonds come from Canada.  Easy peasy.
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  • - my e-ring is from this website and it has a Canadian diamond and recycled metal.
  • My diamond is from Canada and was purchased a Ben Bridge.
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  • in addition to those listed, also specializes in conflict-free and recycled metal... and Harriet Kelsall in the UK does custom work, including pieces with recycled stones, and is on the Responsible Jewellery Council over there(they made my wedding band(hand-engraved palladium) and I'll vouch for their work).  As PP said, Ben Bridge is also a good bet...that's where my e-ring came from.
  • call me negative nancy, but after researching this subject for months, i really don't think that there is such a thing a commercially sold conflict free diamond. DeBeers owns portions of some of the Canadian mines. Persoanlly I was so disguted with the whole thing I went with Moissanite. When people tell me they love my "diamond" I'm happy to tell them it's not a diamond - it's Moissanite!
    It's a personal decision, but I'm happy with my choice :)
  • "Conflict-free" diamonds are supposedly regulated by the Kimberly Process.  To say the system's imperfect would be an understatement.  I still don't trust it and therefore decided to get a lab diamond.  My fiance got it from a European company called Carat: Only experts with a microscope can tell the difference.  It's a diamond, technically, and looks AMAZING.  I love mine.  Plus, you'll love the prices......

  • A conflict free ring was a really big deal for me.  Essentially it is impossible to prove that a diamond is conflict free, and a lot of the Canadian diamonds tend to come from mines that are miles deep.  My fiancee and I decided on They are affordably priced and you can get diamond simulants and hybrids, along with lab created jewels.  They also donate to an organization that helps conflict areas in Africa.

  • My e ring also came from Brialliant Earth, and it is gorgeous.  Easy to work with, fabulous on my finger. 
  • Hi! This is my first posting on The Knot, so this is probably going to sound like a sales pitch, but I promise I'm real! :) This is something I've researched tons so I thought I'd offer my expertise. 

    Many people have already stated that most companies follow the "Kimberly Process," and some have correctly said this process is flawed--at best. Even big name jewelers that claim "conflict-free" diamonds are often hesitant when asked to provide proof of origin for their diamonds. 

    My fiance got my engagement ring from Brilliant Earth. Not only is it beautiful, but it came with documentation about the EXACT mine that my diamond came from in Canada. I then researched the mine independently (NOT through Brilliant Earth) to make sure it matched my own values--sure enough, BE did a great job in picking this mine because it's simply incredible. The employees work in shifts to avoid hazardous working conditions, and they are paid above-average wages. The mine itself was built in a way that once it's depleted, the site can be returned to its original state with minimal environmental impact. 

    I'm most likely getting my wedding band from Brilliant Earth too, though I've just started looking. My engagement ring has better quality diamonds than the original one I picked out at Kay, and it was less expensive!

    Good luck on finding your ideal wedding band. It's so great that you want to go conflict-free. :)
  • Mine is from Brilliant Earth too. I am not a jewelry wearer and neither is my fiance. He had his number 1 ditzy moment when after ordering my diamonds he ended up with an envelope of just a diamond, he didn't order the setting. :-P  His grandma helped him through it fortunately :-P
    Diamonds and the importance of the ring after an engagement make me gag, so whenever people looked at my ring, I made sure to say it was conflict free. Of course there is less variety when we are trying to pick out our wedding bands but it is so worth it, on my conscience, to buy conflict free.

  • I would like to add that the FI went to Kays at first and asked the saleswoman about conflict free diamonds and SHE DIDN'T KNOW what they were. He turned around and walked out.
    From what I can tell, a lot of the chain jewelry stores don't carry Canadian diamonds. But then I am not a jewelry shopper and I do live in a place where the majority of people don't know what conflict free means...
  • If you are at all interested in a lab diamond, you must try Diamond Nexus Labs. ( I was introduced to them a year ago when my mom decided to upgrade her wedding ring and ordered from them. Both the products and the service is amazing! When my FI and I decided to get engaged, we ordered my ring and it came in five days! It's absolutely beautiful and the price was extremely reasonable for two recent graduates. Also, they are the official jeweler of Miss Universe/Miss USA.
  • I agree with armstrong sm and other posters. The Kimberly process is extremly flawed. I read that something like 40% of all diamonds sold in 2009 were laundered conflict diamonds. It's a very personal choice but I couldn't live with a diamond on my finger so I got a gorgous sapphire engagment ring ala Princess Di! The safest way to guarentee you don't get a conflict diamond is to go vintage. has some spectacular stuff!

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    [QUOTE]Try estate pieces or a pawn shop.
    Posted by TarponMonoxide[/QUOTE]

    I know I already posted, but the vintage/antique option is usually the easiest. 
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  • There is no such thing as a mined diamond that does not harm the earth. Even if it comes from a country that is not at war, mining leaves a gaping scar on the planet. And the indigenous people whose land is mined live in poverty while big companies get rich. your only options for a ring that is earth-friendly is an antique stone or lab created gems - these are grown and chemically, optically identical to a mined stone. Plus these days they grow lots of stones so you can be less cookie cutter and get a pink diamond or a white sapphire.  So do you research - there is no such thing as conflict free.
  • How about recycling a diamond  - shopping for a vintage ring, or having a new ring made from old?

    Here are some resources for ethically sourced jewelry & info on custom jewelry:
  • I did the Moissanite thing... it is a beautiful ring and I know it was ethically friendly as well and eco friendly. Also the plus size is it was a fraction of the price and for a girl like me who isnt a jewelry person its great! try for your ring, I was gonna go with a local jeweler but got the same ring they were gonna order for $1200 less including my wedding band. I am really clutzy and I work in Childcare (paint, glue, etc) and the ring still looks great!
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