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eco dilema

So I want to give saplings as favours to the guests, but it occurred to me that since I have to order them from online, they will have to be flown through the mail.... that's a big carbon footprint, no?Maybe I can try to order them from a local nursery.  Has anyone else done this?
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Re: eco dilema

  • Aside from the carbon footprint, how many of those trees do you think will actually be planted by your guests?  Of the ones planted, how many do you think will actually be cared for until they reach an age where they don't need to be constantly tended?  If you have guests that live in an apartment, condo, or dorm, where would they even plant the tree to begin with?While I think the sapling idea is nice, I think more often than not it just becomes a huge waste.  You would be better served giving each guest a pack of wildflower seeds if you really want to go the plant route.  They require little to no effort on the part of the guest and can be planted anywhere from a yard to a small planter on a balcony.  Or better yet, give a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation in lieu of favors.  Charity donations are becoming more and more commonplace for favors and are perhaps the least wasteful favor you could give ;)
  • Ditto PP.
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  • Here's another reason not to do it.October is not the best time for planting saplings. They aren't generally big enough to survive winter with a few weeks in the ground. If they are potted, they definitely won't survive outdoors and only have a 50% chance of surviving indoors with people who aren't likely to be equipped with grow lamps and humidity trays to care for them properly in the winter, even if they bother to take them. Save the trees, don't order the saplings as favors. Do a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation instead or upgrade something else in your wedding and skip favors altogether.
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