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Fair trade catering

Hello all,

Hoping someone could offer input on catering a reception with fair trade, eco-friendly food products. My wedding reception will more than likely be a BBQ in Rhode Island. As far as I have found, there are no caterers that follow fair trade practices in the area. Instead, I'm thinking of supplementing what they provide with fair trade coffee/tea, and (a far reaching goal) grass-fed meat. Have any of you ever proposed this idea to a caterer? Like paying the difference for the caterer to instead use fair trade products instead of what they usually use?

Re: Fair trade catering

  • I'm really surprised there isn't a caterer like that in RI.  We have one down in NC that's great :)

    I think this is something you would need to bring up with the caterer while interviewing them.  I found when talking to caterers that some are totally down with working in your vision, even if that means some extra work for them, and others want you to stay within their preset framework.

    Good luck! :)
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