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earth-friendly registry items?

Having a tough time finding green items that we like--like, recycled glass wine glasses, etc. Clearly this is not the most lively Board, but I'd love any suggestions for places to find things that are "green" but not rustic looking. TIA!

Re: earth-friendly registry items?

  • I found some pretty cool stuff over at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, like oil bottles made from recycled glass and bamboo bedsheets. 

    I wish Etsy had a registry/wishlist option.  There's a lot of cool eco stuff on there I'd love to register for!
  • Etsy does wishlists...they call it the "favorites list" or something, but they do have it.  My FI tends to use mine when he's looking for gift ideas...
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  • Oh hah I didn't know other people could access that list!
  • I second the Crate & Barrel suggestion - they don't have a TON of eco-friendy items, but they have quite a few (like steak knives made of recycled materials or organic cotton towels)
  • Hi,

    If you're looking for some stylish, modern green accessories, favors, etc. for your wedding, feel free to check out my blog, Something Green ( 

    The goal of SG is to offer daily inspiration, tips, resources and DIY tricks for contemporary brides who seek to incorporate green elements into their weddings. The site is updated daily Mon-Fri with lots of fresh eco-chic ideas.

    Didn't see what you were looking for? Feel free to email us at the address listed below and let us know what you need! Your endless search just may end up as a new post!

  • Bamboo fabric is not eco-friendly. It is actually rayon. The FCC is cracking down on companies marketing products in this manner, because it is false advertising. I would stay away from bamboo fabric with a ten foot pole if you want to purchase environmentally fabrics. Fabrics that are organic or recycled are the best choice. You can read more here:

    Sorry for the soap-box rant.
  • has a registry feature which allows you to register for anything on the web on any website all organized within one registry. You should definitely check it out. You could register for stuff from Etsy that way!! Also, if you search for organic or recycled things on amazon, you will find a TON of stuff.
  • A site I have grown to love is
    They have a wide selection of items and with Amazon's Universal Registry feature I have added a lot of items to our registry.

    Personal recommendation: Packed Cotton Shower Curtain made in the US 100% (If you're a US citizen). It does the job just as well as a PVC shower curtain without the nasty carcinogenic toxins. Plus it looks MUCH nicer. =)

  • My FI and I are going super earth friendly by asking for money.  ahahahaha.  Well, not DIRECTLY.  Our registry will be at .  It allows guests to pay for parts of our honeymoon.  The money actually goes into a bank acct and you can utilize it for your honeymoon...or not.  Your choice.  A friend did it and loved the site.  No more wrapping paper or misc items that you don't need!
  • I agree with Crate and Barrel- they have a recycled glass pitcher and margarita glasses (as well as others I believe). They also have FSC-certified wood products. Kohl's has eco-friendly napkins, tableclothes, and picture frames. I also registered for a non-vinyl shower curtain liner.
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