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Staying green with our centerpieces

Our wedding is in September 2011, and we are planning a casual, rustic, green (earth friendly not the color:) wedding. The colors we want to incorporate are yellows, blues, and white. I have planned on making my own centerpieces and getting my flowers from a u-pick nursery. But I'm contemplating on scrapping that and doing a potted flower as a centerpiece instead. My thought process in changing my original plan is that cutting flowers for just one day isn't staying true to my green goal, but I really want to incorporate flowers into my centerpieces. The other positives are that they could also be given away as favors and I think it would lower my flower/centerpiece cost significantly.  The negative is I don't have access to a garden so I would need to buy said flowers and keep them alive (which I'm kind of nervous about. 
I would love any and all advice:) 
Thanks in advance! 
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