philly dj pros?

anyone ever use PHILLY DJ Pros?

phillydjpros . com

They are pretty cheap, so I am curious why...

the venue I am booking is listed on their website as a place they service. I am going to ask the venue guy when I see him tomorrow.

they are about 400$ less than what I have been quoted other places.

Re: philly dj pros?

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    You are correct it's too good to be true.  Run away, fast.  

    I highly suggest calling them getting off their mailing/ calling list.  
    Don't meet with them, they will NEVER leave you alone. 

    Then booking No Macarena.  We had Dave, he was amazing.  

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    Oh, wait.  I thought you meant The Pros.  I've never heard of this company and I've been here awhile.  

    What price point are you looking to stay around?  Do you want lighting as well?

    I would check wedding wire.  
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    Well, I am going to check with the venue tomorrow. we are doing around 85 people and it's a Sunday - their website looks alright, like any other DJ site. maybe Sundays are better prices.

    This is the info I received...
    We have a great wedding package for you. 
    5 Hours for $600 includes:
    2 Formally DJ Hosts / Emcees
    Full Sound System with backup equipment
    Wireless Microphones
    Grand DJ Lighting Package
    Timeline and music consultations
    Music for Cocktail. Dinner and reception
    Full coordination with venue contact as well as photographer
    DJ Liability Insurance up to $1,000,000 in coverage

    I will follow up with what info I get from my venue. The guy at the venue has been great and would probably remember if they did a good job or not.
    they aren't on my venues DJ, we shall see.

    THANK YOU :)))
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    OH! I also emailed No Macarena, and no answer back yet! it's been almost 3 days. that scares me...I want someone who will call back quick if I need them. you know?
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    if this is "the pros" ive also heard to RUN.... if its not them.... I have no idea.
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    no, they aren't the same people! :)

    I checked!

    thanks you guys!!!
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    They seem legit. You have nothing to lose by meeting with them and seeing what they have to offer. Let us know how it goes!
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