Ballroom at the Ben or Arts Ballroom

Hi, I am new to the boards been lurking forever.  

I am having a wedding in Dec. of 2014.  I am looking forward to a christmas theme.  I loved Ballroom at the Ben but I also loved Arts ballroom.  My wedding is small like 125 people so I am wondering if the Ben is too big?  Anyone have their weddings at either location and can give me their oppinon?

Re: Ballroom at the Ben or Arts Ballroom

  • i was at a wedding at the ballroom at the ben. it's really, really big. my friends wedding was on a saturday and there was a 180 minimum when she did it and she only had about 170 so she ended up paying for 10 people that weren't there. thats something you might want to ask about. but its an amazing venue!!!
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  • I am getting married at the Arts Ballroom in June! It is a new venue so not that many people have been there yet. Also Stephen Starr is the caterer, so you cannot really go wrong with that. They have been amazing to work with. I also think it is better for a smaller wedding party.Good luck!
  • we almost went with the Arts Ballroom. its gorgeous in there!!
  • I visited both- I think the Arts ballroom is so much more unique and special, perfect for a wedding of your size!  I had to rule it out because I have too many people and it still bums me out- I love that place!!
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