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Has anyone made their bouquets themselves?  If so, where did you buy your flowers from and how was the quality/overall experience?  Was it difficult?  How much time did it take?  How far in advance did you make the flowers?  Any advice?  I've never made a bouquet before, but it doesn't look that difficult from the videos I've seen online.

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  • I am planning on DIYing my flowers. We did it for one of my BM's wedding 2 years ago. I am using the same online wholesaler she used. She got married on a Saturday and got them delivered on Thursday so we could separate them and feed them and let them bloom. It wasn't hard but it was A LOT of work. We had to de-thorn them as well. I would just suggest if you haven't done it yet and you don't have anyone in your bridal party or family that is familiar with the process make sure you practice first.
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  • I didn't make my own bouquet but I did make my own centerpieces and practiced making a bouquet once.  I used Costco.  they were alwesome to work with!  i wrote  detailed review a  few posts ago.

    You can prob make them Thursday before and just keep them in water. 

    Also, everything sort of depends on what type of flowers you plan on using and what time of the year you're having your wedding.

    Any ideas so far?
  • I think Paprika made hers. Try searching for her old post about it.
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  • I did my own bouquets. It took about 10-15 minutes a bouquet, and that was once I got the hang of it. I got my flowers at costco, (roses) and had greens to incorporate. (I was married in December, so I used pine boughs.) I made them the Thursday before the wedding, and finished the rest up on friday night after the rehearsal dinner. (5 bouquets, one mini for my fg, and one for mom, mil and grandma) I also made the bouts. Those took a lot more concentration. A LOT MORE. Actually, I had to fix one of them a few minutes before the ceremony. :/ All in all, I'd do it again. No questions. If you have any questions, let me know. 
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