FI was admitted overnight

I went to visit him, but by the time I got there I could only stay about 45 minutes.  
He was like David after dentist, so funny.  He told me how good his dinner was and how he loooooves NHS food, but he missed the tea trolley and he really wanted a cup of tea,  Went on and on.  

At 8 a nurse came around and rang a freaking bell, like a recess, to tell us we had to leave, I think it would piss me off if I were sick.  

I have to call tomorrow to see when I should pick him up.  I use pick him up loosely because we don't have a car I will take the bus there or walk and get a cab home with him.  

Re: FI was admitted overnight

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    Oh dear :(   I hope he will be ok.

    I missed what he was in for,,, sorry. What happened?
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    ACL operation.  
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    I hope he feels better soon.  I also hope that you got some laughs out of it all.  i have a few stories like that :)

    When I had my appendectomy in 2005, it was my first major surgery- I had never had any before that, except my wisdom teeth.  Since my dad is a CRNA, I got some perks.  Apparently, when they started to make me loopy before they wheeled me into the OR, they asked me what I wanted to listen to as I drift off to sleep.  I told them I wanted to listen to Kelly Clarkson- no idea why, but that's what came to mind.  Then I told them I wanted smelly good lip balm so I didn't have to smell the smelly bad gasses or mask (one of the tricks they use for kids is they coat the inside of the gas mask with flavored lipsmackers- then the kids smell the balm instead of the mask and gas, and it endears the kids to the nurses), and had them all pulling out their strings of lipbalms for me.  When I woke up, I woke up screeming bloody murder for my mom and dad so loud and fiercely that they had to bring my mom back to recovery.  I then promptly told her and the nurse that i didn't want the stupid gown on anymore and flashed them both.

    When I had the trial operation for my stim, they put you out for like 7 minutes and then wake you back up so you can tell them where the stim works best.  When they brought me to, I promptly told them that that was the best sleep in the whole wide world, that they needed to bottle it and sell it (the sleep not the drug, and yes I specified), and that they can let me sleep as long as they want to :)

    When I had the permanent operation in July, I woke up screaming for DH (see a pattern here?)  Apparently I freaked out the drs and nurses so bad that they went out running to my mom and DH, and they laughed.  I then started screaming for water, and they would only give me those soaked spongey things because of how early it still was- which I promptly tried to eat saying they were the best thing ever.

    Hope he feels better soon, and has a quick recovery!
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    I'm sorry they had to admitt him overnight-- will he be able to come home today?
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    We just got home at 5pm.  
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    Glad he's home.  Did he get upstairs okay?

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