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Book Club

So -I got the book in the mail today for March's book club.

Anybody start it yet? Whatcha think?

I'm going to start it later this evening. :o)

When do we need to have it finished by?
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Re: Book Club

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    I started it last week and it's pretty good so far. I'm about a third of the way through it. It follows the lives of a handful of different people and it's interesting. I've never really read a book that takes place during war time (except for the Hunger Games lol), so it's something different for me.
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    I started it but only barely. So far, I really like the author's writing style and I can anticipate really liking the book. I can't comment a lot because I am only like 20 pages in, though!
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    I've started it and I'm almost 1/2 through.. I'll be putting up a poll for a date to do questions for the last week of March so try to have it done sometime around then.
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    I love the Hunger Games!

    Anyway, haven't started yet, hope I get a chance this weekend.
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    I'm about a third into the book and it seems like a good read so far.  I hope I can finish in time to make it to this month's book club.

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