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*mekiakoo* and anyone else who has done a boudoir shoot

Any hints/tips/tricks/etc??

I am nervie :( but excited at the same time.....

Re: *mekiakoo* and anyone else who has done a boudoir shoot

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    Have FUN!!!!

    Maybe have a glass of wine while getting ready. I didn't though.

    Bring several outfits and they can help you pick out what would look the best on you.

    DO NOT SUCK IN YOUR STOMACH!!! It will make you look weird.

    Don't be afraid to ask them how you should pose, how you should smile, and if there is a position that you really want to do, tell them!

    Are they also doing your hair or make up? If not, make sure your make up is more darker (smoky) than usual so your eyes will pop out in the pictures.

    If I think of more advice, I'll come back and post more :)
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    They are bringing me wine to have before hand!!! I am hoping that helps calm my nerves :)

    Thank you for the hints...I always tend to try to "suck in" but you are right, I am sure that would probably look weirder than usual!!

    My girls are a team - one girl is the artistic director and does hair/makeup while the other girl is the photographer. We met on Wednesday and they seem to really know what they are doing....

    It's so awesome that you have already done this :-D
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    Here's a post that my wedding planner just posted on her website about boudoir shoots. It's actually a bunch of tips from my wedding photographer:


    Not sure how helpful it is but just wanted to pass along since it was literally JUST posted!
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