Scammed by Denver Venue

Before you consider the Sherman Event's Center you NEED TO KNOW that they DO NOT HONOR THEIR CONTRACTS.  My husband and I had our wedding at the Sherman Events Center in the Fall of 2011 and were completely taken advantage of.  This is the exact wording of their contract:

“Damage Deposit of $1,000 will reserve the date of this agreement.  This deposit is not part of the rental fees and will be returned in full no sooner than 30 working days and no later than 45 working days after the event.  Repairs from damage will be deducted from the deposit.” (Sherman Events Center Contract signed January 31, 2011)

Instead of honoring their contract, the owners, a husband and wife team: Angela and Michael, chose to take funds from our deposit that they decided they "deserved" as a fee for their time, when they realized they need more time, than they originally thought, to set up for our wedding.  They also had forgotten to include a rental insurance fee in their original they just decided to go ahead and take money from our venue damage deposit for that as well.  I called the rental company they used and they said that “this is a charge that would have been included in your original quote”. 

We also confirmed with Angela herself, that there were no damages done to the property.  Regardless to the fact that our damage deposit is clearly outlined in the contract as a deposit NOT to be compromised for anything but's just really dishonest that they "made calls" to steal our money as they pleased.

Long story short, think twice before working with this company.  We found them to be extremely unorganized and willing to charge you for their mistakes….or anything they deemed fit for that matter.  It is our personal opinion that this is a dishonest business run by dishonest people, a contract does not mean anything to them.

Do your research, Denver Better Business Bureau:

Re: Scammed by Denver Venue

  • That is awful.
  • It sounds like you already filed with the BBB, which I think is a good idea. If you're up to it, I think $1,000 is worth small claims court as well. They can't just keep your deposit like that. Good luck and very sorry this happened to you! (I would also keep posting about this--bad publicity might be enough to get them to make it right with you.)
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