Transportation-school bus?

I am looking for cheap transportation for my guests from the hotel to the wedding.  Has anyone rented a school bus?  I haven't had any luck finding something like that.  BTW, the bus would only be bringing people from the Quality Suites in Evergreen to the Evergreen Lake House which is about 10 minutes.  Thanks!

Re: Transportation-school bus?

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    Douglas County is the only school district that rents them but they are pretty cheap and are on an hourly rate. Just watch out for gum under the seats!

    Our church has a school bus that you might be able to rent for a cheaper rate in exchange for a donation. You can contact the youth pastor Amanda and Going this direction might allow you to decorate it in advance etc..
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    Is there a website or something with more info about renting a bus from Douglas County?  I looked on their website and couldn't find any info.
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