Hi!I see you are getting married at Saint Vincents!  I'm getting married about a month after you there :)  I just thought it neat that I found another bride on here getting married there.  We are also using Real Photography too!!!  I would love your thoughts afterwards as to good places to get photos taken----what are you planning to do?  I know Wash Park is close, but in the winter time I have a feeling that it might be underwhelming.Also I'm curious, have you done much planning for the ceremony yet?  My FI and I live in NE so we've been doing prep out here, and haven't had a lot of contact with the people at St. VdP.  I received a packet that mentioned a "wedding coordinator" that helps us with the rehearsal and the day of----do you know if that's the case?Hope planning is going well for you!
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    Well hello!! That is awesome that you're getting married there. I'm super excited. I will for sure let you know the ins and outs afterwards. Traci and Nic are amazing so I know no matter where you guys take photos they'll be fabulous. I haven't done too too much for the ceremony just yet. FI and I are in the process of picking out scripture readings and who reads them. Turns out, we like a lot of the readings but can't decide which one we want to go with. We also met with the music lady to go over potential songs we will want played. She has great connections to local musicians. Yea I did catch wind that someone will be there during the rehearsal and the day, which I was happy to hear. I forget who they told me it was going to be. How is the planning going for you?
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    Hi! Sorry I was slow to respond :) Planning has been going great!  I'm kinda in the lull right now, but I think it will pick up again in mid-September.  Right now though I'm in the midst of bridal showers.....I have one in CO this Saturday and one in Omaha (where I live) over Labor day weekend.  I'm so excited to have wedding events finally starting! Hope planning has been going well for you!  I bet you are getting ready to send out invitations in the next month or so----very exciting!
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