Did the back up DJ have your daughters music and everything.  Maybe I will give him a call after work today to make sure everything is still good!  I am sorry no one was able to hear anything!  That really stinks - did they do anything to make up for it or what happened?  Also weird question did you guys use those big fans they had set up?  We had our walkthrough the day before your daughters wedding and I was thinking of you.  I even told shawn about you guys.  Glad everything else went good!

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    We had to talk to Shawn during the reception because the DJ was not playing from the playlist, and played some of the "do not play" songs.  Then it was like he found the list and started playing some of them.  I'm really not sure what happened.  But most disappointing was not hearing the audio during the ceremony, so have someone check and make sure it is working.  Nothing was done to make up for it :(Also, make sure you reserve seating at the ceremony for your family!!  I didn't, and there was a mix-up and a lot of family had to sit near the back (and didn't hear the ceremony).We didn't use the big fans, it stayed pretty cool even though it was a hot day.  Despite everything, we had a great time, and everyone was out dancing the entire night.  Ellis Ranch is a wonderful facility, it was nice having so much room!I'm so excited for you!  Everything will be great so don't worry!  Best of luck!!
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