Hi, in your recent post you mention in your oot bags you were going to provide your guests with "random facts about the bride and groom" I am just curious to see if you came up with this yet and if so if I could take a peek at it. I like the idea, just not sure where to start. :) email me at coolcourt85 @ hotmail dot com if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!!

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    I just started my OOT stuff yesterday & changed my mind...we ended up doing a wordsearch on the back of our OOT brochure instead (with different words about us & our wedding weekend).  It was SUPER easy...I found a free website online that will make wordsearch puzzles for you & all you have to do is give them the words.  Its super quick & easy!    If you want the website let me know & I can post it for ya! :-)
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