Save the date help!

Ladies, I need some advice as to how to send my save the date magnets out. I got 3X2 size magnets and I was thinking of just using some cute scrapbook paper and sticking the magnet to it and sending them in an envelope. What did you guys do? What size envelope did you use? Thanks!

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    You could always just put the magnets straight into the envelope, save some time and $$. XPedX has a good selection of envelopes to choose from. I would think if you glued it to a paper, some people won't even realize it's a magnet....just really heavy!
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    check out the DIY board...there are lots of girls on there who have done magnets & attached them to some cardstock & put a cute little poem on there about sticking the magnets on the fridge to remind your guests to mark their calendars.
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