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Hi all,
Sorry these are so late-my wedding was October 31.  Feel free to page me if you want more info!

Band: London By EBE (A+)
They were great-they kept everyone dancing all night, and were a pleasure to work with.  They helped organize the timeline, talked to my other vendors, and even learned a special song for the parent/child dance in only two weeks.  They kept a great vibe going all night, and all our guests raved about how great the music was. 

Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Carmella (B+)
She does great work at a great price, and also helped us order beautiful place cards at a much cheaper price.  She did misspell the groom's last name on all of his family's invitations, which was a pain, but she fixed it when it was brough to her attention.

Dress/Alterations: Ashley's (C)
I ordered my dress and my bridesmaids dresses from here.  The prices were great, but the owner and his wife are very difficult to work with.  I ordered my dress, the tuxes, and the bridesmaids dresses from there, so we were supposed to get "priority" alteration appointments-as it turned it, I had to beg for a weekend fitting (I only got it once), myself and bridesmaids were stood up for an appointment (and told all three of us got the date wrong), and my matron of honor had to have her dress mailed to her two weeks before the wedding because she was refused weekend appointments, no matter how much in advance we tried to book them.  The day of the wedding, my dress creased in the front (which the seamstress at Ashley's told me was because I was so thin), and I had had small detachable cap sleeves made for my religious ceremony, and it took about ten minutes of pulling and yanking to get them on.  I got tons of compliments on my dress, and the price was great, they were just a headache to deal with.

Tuxes: Ashley's (A)
No problems with the tuxes, they all fit, came in on time, and the price was good.

Florist: Russell Anthony (C-)
 I was very very into the flowers, and was very detailed oriented and involved in the creation of the centerpieces.  I walked through everything with Russ, multiple times.  I had three different centerpieces, two of them involved arrangements in trumpet vases-I told Russ many times I wanted the vases filled with water, on the wedding day they weren't.  I also gave him a picture of what I wanted the arrangements to look like, and he didn't follow it.  He also used the wrong chuppah, even though he and I selected the one he was going to use together, and didn't even finish decorating the poles as promised.  The personal flowers were beautiful, and everyone raved about the centerpieces, but if you're anal and detail oriented like me, he doesn't have good follow through.  Overall, I felt like he "yes-ed" me to death without listening to me.

Invitations: The Paper Route, Cherry Hill, NJ (A)
Our invites turned out beautifully, and the price was much better then stores in Center City which I checked out.

Lighting: BIGEvents/Philadelphia Wedding Lighting (F)
I posted something about this vendor shortly after my wedding-we dealt with the owner of the company, and basically the job just wasn't done.  The pin spots missed the mark, and the owner, who was on the job, left the job incomplete to go to the Phillies game before the job was done, and left two employees to complete the job, which they didn't.  He also lied about what happened after the fact, and tried to blame the florist (claiming the florist was late), but our caterer told us that was in fact a lie. 

Photographer: LoRusso Studios (A+)
Bob and Lola, the owners and husband/wife team are wonderful!  They did everything and more to make sure everything went off perfectly, including showing up at the photo location an hour before me to scout out picture spots.  They created beautiful bookmarks for my guests so they could view the photos after the wedding, and got the pictures up on their blog after only two days.  The 1000 pictures from the wedding were up about three weeks later, and were beautiful.  They are creative, laid back, and all around nice people.

Veil: (A+)
My veil and headpiece were both gorgeous, and the prices were fantastic.

Video: Tom Shane (D)
I took a chance on this video guy because his price was good, but overall a very big disappointment.  He showed up super early, (like an hour before ceremony) and counted it towards his time, so he missed the hour and a half of the reception, and never even told me he was leaving (I would have happily paid him overtime to stay).  The overall video was blah-for some reason he put my husband's microphone at the bottom of his torso, so the sound quality from the ceremony isn't very good.  He also didn't interview much family or friends, which upset some of our guests.  He was also rude to me when I e-mailed him about why he left so early.

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  • angelacmarinangelacmarin member
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    what venue did you use?

  • dianalaurendianalauren member
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    Hi Angel,
    It was at my synagogue in Voorhees, Beth El, and the caterer was a kosher one, so I didn't do those reviews.
  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    Wow, Diana, small world; I'm getting married at Beth Tikvah in Marlton!  What Kosher caterer did you use?  I will be using Foodarama.  The rabbi gave them good reviews and has personally used them for his own events.
  • dianalaurendianalauren member
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    That's so funny!  I student taught there when I was in high school.  I used Betty the Caterer, specifically Jeff Kalinsky.  They were absolutely terrific.  I don't think my synagogue has a contract with Foodarama, but I've had the food once and it was yummy!  Make sure to do a tasting-most kosher caterers will do it for you!
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    Musicheals (hi! I think I owe you an email....)  I've used Foodarama for smaller events and catering and they have always been great!
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