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I am having a really hard time figuring out wheteher to tip vendors and how much to tip (percentage of bill or flat dollar amount). Here are my scenarios, please give me your opinion... Bar. The reception is at a restaurant, so we had to use the bar's alcohol. The catering and facilitiy fee is separate and includes tip for the food. The open bar bill will be the only thing left to reconcile at the end of the night. How much to tip? Photographer. It is one woman that is doing our photos. She owns her own company and there are no additional photographers. DJ. Same thing as the photographer. Just one guy and he owns his own business. Flowers. Same as photog and DJ. One woman, owns her own business. Ceremony Guitarist. He had a flat fee, and he is a guy that just does this for fun on the side. Pastor. Fiance is Catholic and I don't really go to church, so we had to find someone outside the Catholic church to marry us outside in Estes. My fiance's mom is a preschool teacher at a Methodist church, so we ended up asking one of the pastors there. He has conducted a bit of very informal marriage prep at his home (not the church). When asked about his fee for the wedding or for othe prep classes, he said no charge. How much should we pay him as a donation? Cut a check to him or the church? Oh, and we had already planned on getting him a restaurant gift card for he and his wife. Any other vendors I might be forgetting? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Bartender- 15-20% of the liquor bill Photographer/DJ/Florist/Musician- not necessary or expected unless you are totally blown away by their work Officiant- $50-$100, depending on how much of a GC you give him. If you give him a nice GC, I would consider donating the other $$ to the church.As a nice thank you to family or friends who helped out I gave them a GC with a bottle of wine, seemed less tacky than handing them cash or a check.
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    What Melissa said :)As for the pastor, you may want to check on how donations/checks made out to him work within his church.  I'm Catholic and we're getting married in a Catholic church.  I checked with the office manager and - if we gave a check to the priest - he would more than likely donate it to the church.  What we decided to do was make a donation in his name to his order's mission fund, and give him an AmEx gift card.  The office manager said if we give him a gift card of any kind, he can keep it and use it for himself.  The combined amount of these gifts is $150.  This is over and above the $850 we pay the church.
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    Great! Thanks guys. I was planning on doing a $100 gift card to a nice restaurant here in town, and then write a check for another $100 to the church in his name. And thanks on the bar bill, I wasn't sure how much. And I think I can write a thank-you note (along with the hundreds of others!) afterwards to the DJ, Photog, Florist, Guitarist, and give a tip at that time if I think its necessary. Thanks again!
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