I just saw your sneak peak on Traci's blog, your pics look amazing!! I love the shot Traci posted of you guys in the bar area, that lighting is amazing!Your centerpieces were awesome, great job! A friend of mine is getting married in April and doing a big wine theme and is very interested to know how you did them. What kind of lights did you put in the wine bottles?I'm sure that's all stuff you're planning on selling at the garage sale next weekend, but my friend is very interested in taking anything centerpiece related off your hands if you're looking to get rid of it, especially the fake grapes. If so let me know and I can have her e-mail you or something. Congrats on a beautiful wedding!

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    Thanks! My mother actually made all the wine bottles. The lights are LED and battery opperated and lasted all night! I have 82 bottles (we had 3 on each cocktail table and an assortment on the bar) I was planning on bringing the bottles to the garage sale, but if she wants them, that makes room in the car for other stuff haha. I think we have some loose grapes, but the majority of them were attached to the bottles. have her email me at
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