Less than 2 months to my wedding and I am getting nervous about things I have already done.

My wedding is December 10, 2009. I have pretty much finished everything and now I am worried about some of the decisions I have made.  My favor is also my seating information. Its a CD of mine and my hubbys favorite chirstmas music. We are already married and were having a vow renewal with our family and friends. The cover that will have their names and their table number with a beach with footprints in the sand and the waves crashing. Its representing our first wedding which was on the rocks of the San Diego beach. The background of the cd for the adults is either the 16th street mall at christmas or a snow covered mountain. The childrens CDs are either an ornament on a christmas tree or the pepsi cola bears looking up at fire works. We have 4 different cds so that no 2 same CDs go home to the same family.My centerpiece is a martini glass that will have blue and clear crystals then filled with water and floating candles. Underneath the table will be covered in red and brown rose petals and votive candles for uplight.I cant decide if I want to do a menu or not. We are having a buffet but I thought it would be nice to have a list of what is in the buffet line at the tables because they wont be able to see it until they get to it.My final issue is I found out I am pregnant with my 3 child 3 days ago. I will be 12 weeks along at my wedding. I have a fitting dress with corset. I am worried about it possibly being so fitted it wont look right or I will be uncomfortable all night. I am really worried the corset might hurt the baby too.

Re: Less than 2 months to my wedding and I am getting nervous about things I have already done.

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    Everything sounds wonderful. This is much easier to say, but relax. As for the baby, ask your doctor about your dress and your concerns about hurting the baby.
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    I think everything sounds lovely. About the dress, with it being a corset, you will be able to loosen it if it is too tight. More than likely you won't be showing (I would use your last pregnancy as an indicator) and  you will look stunning with your pregnancy glow. Congratulations on your new addition!
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    Wow! Your wedding sounds really cool! Where are you getting married? I would do a menu. I think it just gives you another opportunity to put in more personal touches! Congrats on the baby!!!!!! Have fun and post pictures when you can! Kelli
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    Were having our wedding and reception at the Crystal Rose on East Hampden
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