Hey Fran, I know you are getting married at Holy Ghost soon - very soon! And I wanted to pass this to you just in case you are getting married at 2pm with a full mass. I didn't think about the 4pm mass after my ceremony and only had 15 minutes for formal photos in the church. Our mass ran about 1 and 20 minutes but by the time we exited the church got back up to the altar they told we had to clear out in 15 miuntes. I was pretty glad that I had a good idea of the shots I wanted, but still had to bark orders to everyone to get them moving. You'd be suprised that family members just don't know what photos they want even after you've asked them 10 times. Anyway, I'm sure I missed some, but I thought I pass this along just in case.
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    Katie - Congratulations!  Your pictures are beautiful - can't wait to see more!  Thanks for the heads-up on the amount of photo time available in the church.  We are getting married at 2:00, so we may run into the same issue.  I already have a note to myself to remind everyone at the rehearsal about staying for pictures, tight timeline, etc.  And, our families are fairly small, so I'm hoping that we can zip through them.  We'll see!Thanks! 
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