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Venue suggestion for a reunion

I live in Minneapolis and have found the knot very helpful planning my wedding up here, so I figured I'd give this a try.I went to high school in Littleton and am supposed to plan our 10 year reunion coming up this summer.  I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where to go?  I would guess we'll have around 100 people (but it could go higher).  And I'd like to keep the price under $40 for heavy apps and one or two drink tickets per person.Any ideas?  Last year, they held it at the downtown Breckenridge Brewery and they said it worked well but it wasn't the most aethetically pleasing place.TIA!
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Re: Venue suggestion for a reunion

  • kvanscoykkvanscoyk member
    edited December 2011
    We had our rehearsal dinner at Wynkoop Brewery. They have 2 different rooms. The one that we used held 40 but the other room that they have I believe holds about 150. We did the dinner with open wine and beer for well under $40 per person and we had 4 private pool tables. Very cool! They were also VERY easy to work with- I highly recommend them.
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