Catering 101

Ok... this is kind of catering 101 I guess. I'm just getting going on planning. The knot's budgeter is recommending $50/person... That seems outrageous!!! How do caterers make bids? Do they do it per person or do they bid the whole dinner?

I think I'm looking for a buffet style menu for $25 or less per person. Am I dreaming?


Re: Catering 101

  • you aren't dreaming, i would just call caterers in town and see what their prices are

    there have got to be places for less than $25 a head...most caterters, from my experience have a cost per head...but it depends
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  • I think a lot of this depends on whether you're looking just at food cost per person or final cost per person.  You can get really good food from a lot of caterers for around $20/person, especially if you do a buffet.  Where it gets tricky is accounting for service, taxes, rentals, etc.  If you're doing a typical dinner with china, glassware and all that, pretty much double whatever your food cost is to get your final cost.  You can save by looking at inclusive places that do everything in-house.  I did a lot of caterer research and was also sad to discover this.  :(
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