Looking for a good wedding venue at a reasonable cost

We are looking for a reasonably priced wedding venue. We would like a venue that is on the north side. We would like to have an outdoor wedding and the reception in the same location. We are looking at an April 2013 weddiong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Looking for a good wedding venue at a reasonable cost

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    By north side do you mean North Denver?  And when you say you want an outdoor wedding/reception in the same place, are you wanting both to be outside?  Especially in April I think at least some kind of indoor backup option is a good idea.  How formal/informal do you want your wedding to be?  There are a lot of very reasonably priced outdoor park options but these would of course be more informal and might not have indoor backup options.  Do you need a place that lets you self-cater or were you planning on hiring professional caterers?  I did some pretty extensive wedding research before settling on our venue, so give a little more information and I will be happy to help!
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    Thanks for the response!, By the North Side I mean areas such as Westminster, Broomfield, North Denver would be ok too. We are not looking for something that is really formal. We are looking more for an informal location. For example as the groom I will not be wearing a tux, but be wearing dress pants, dress shirt, and tie. We are looking for a luncheon. In April we would definitley want somewhere that has a backup plan for weather. Any suggestions on ideas would be greatly appreciated. We have not 100% decided on catering, but I believe we are going to have the event catered.  Let me know of some suggestions. We are very early on in the planning process.

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    If you are willing to go to Boulder I would suggest you check out the Greenbriar Inn.
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    I agree that Greenbriar Inn could be a good choice if you wanted to go up to Boulder, but it can get a little pricier/more formal.  A great venue though and one I've heard good things about.  

    There is this group of venues listed on that always intrigued me.  They have options on the North side (especially the Miramonte) and great prices for catering and other vendors.  I think it's worth checking out.

    I would also look at Denver Parks and Rec, especially if you'd be willing to get married more in the downtown Denver area.  We strongly considered either the City Park Pavilion ($600 rental if you serve alcohol) and the Wash Park boathouse (also $600 with alcohol permit) because they are beautiful venues that also give some shelter from the weather.  Both are available starting in mid-April.

    I hope this is helpful!  I have other ideas too if you're thinking you might want to go outside of the North Denver area (like Boulder, Estes, Golden, etc.).  Props to you for researching early and good luck!
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    There is Stonebrooke Manor in Westminster I think, it might be Thorton or Northglenn though, that intersection has like four cities touching it. It's got a beautiful outdoor ceremony area, reception is indoor. There are like three choices for the ceremony outside but it can be moved inside I believe it needed. Friends of mine got married there, you have to use their caterer and things like that. I think it was reasonablly priced but I'm not sure what the end price was all together.
       I would get one of those Wedding sites and services magazine's. They list a ton of places in there. I'm pretty sure they have other things in there are well.  They might have a website to I don't know though. At least you could narrow it down from there.
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    We already visited Stonebrook Manor. It was pretty expensive actually. Thanks for the suggestion on the magazine.
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    I looked at 303weddings and they have a huge number of negative comments for them. I found the negative comments on I wouldn't risk using them!
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    Check out the Lumber Baron Inn - in North Denver.
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    I'm planning on getting married in March of 2013 and would love a beautiful site that will be reasonable?
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