Random People Invited to My Bachelorette Party?

So, my bachelorette party is this Saturday.  My best friend, one of the BM’s in the wedding, just sent me a message asking if her sister-in-law can join us.  There is a reason I did not invite her sister-in-law.  She is a very annoying person.  My friend can’t even stand her, no one in the family can except for her husband (very sad, I know).  Anyway, I do not want this person to go to the party.  Call me Bridezilla, but this person is VERY obnoxious when she is drunk and since I am doing a VERY mild party (dinner and plenty of drinks at the Morrison Inn, which fills up super fast and does not take reservations on concert nights...Saturday happens to be a concert night, so space really is limited), I fear she will ruin the fun.  On several camping trips she has gotten so drunk that it is no longer fun for anyone involved because she must be baby sat and kept away from the fire….because she has fallen in it before!  There is no limiting her alcohol intake either, she just drinks and drinks until she is dumb.  Do I have the right o say “No, I don’t want her there?”  I made the guest list, there were only people on there that are my very close friends and family, so it’s really frustrating to have someone “random” be invited.  :::SIGH:::  Any suggestions?    


Re: Random People Invited to My Bachelorette Party?

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    Just tell her no, and make the venue the bad guy, citing the limited space! If she pushes it, just stay firm and stick with "NO!" If she needs more reason, just say you only want your close friends and family with you...
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    Thank you Mizjodi! 
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    I definitely agree! Don't let her come if you don't want her there. This is your night to hang out with the people you're close to, relax and take it all in. Don't let this random girl ruin your night for the sake of being nice.
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