Starting to get more anxious....

I need to rant really fast ladies :) 

So my wedding is coming up...39 days to be exact.  We kind of hit that point a few weeks ago where not a lot needed to be done.  The menu and cake are selected, my dress is currently being altered, invitations are mailed, etc. etc. etc.  Just had my bridal shower last weekend and it was perfect. 

But now I am getting anxious. What have we forgotten?  We need to make a seating chart, but I am having trouble finding motivation to come up with themes or something different and fun.  Anyone else start to feel this way as the day was inching closer??!!  I'm getting so excited and am so ready, but it's time to get back into the final planning mode :)

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Re: Starting to get more anxious....

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    i've watched my friends go through it! dont' worry-everything will be perfect

    and remember that your wedding is about you marrying your love-so it should be the happiest day of your life

    not stressing about where people are seated!

    just try to remember that and i'm sure it will be great!
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    Mine is September 4th so I feel ya! Things I still need to get done off the top of my head:

    Finish the DIY centerpieces
    Seating chart, fill out seating card things
    Call people who haven't RSVP'ed
    Call my vendors to make sure everyone is still set with the right time/date
    Practice hair/makeup (I'm doing my own)
    Finish writing the ceremony
    Break in my shoes
    Start using crest white strips lol

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    We're 15 days away, so I do know what you're talking about!  I've been stressing pretty bad lately, but have finally realized that these things are not that important compared to what that whole day is all about.  I have a few things to still take care of, but all of the major stuff is done and I think I can finally relax.  I'm over the wedding planning thing, just ready to be married!  :o

    - Need to make final payments
    - Provide final guest count (tomorrow)
    - Wrap GM/BM gifts
    - Make bracelets for the flower girls
    - Dry clean/press the wedding dress
    - Print 8x10 engagement photo for guest signature mat
    - Get marriage license
    - Get married!

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    Sounds like we are all on our A games ladies :) Definitely stressful but looks like we're all getting it done.  Good luck @wolfdancer024.  Let us know how your big day goes!!  Where are you getting married?  And MissHollieH - where are you getting married?  I am getting married the day after I definitely understand your excitement as well :)
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    Thank you CareyLeah!  I'll be sure to post after the big day has finally gotten here!  We are getting married at Christie's of Genesee.  How about you?!  9/4 AND 9/5 are very good dates!  My parents were married on 9/4 and my Uncle's b-day is 9/5, very good days indeed!
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    Well good luck!  Hope that everything goes well!  We are getting married right down the street at The Pines at Genesee.  It's so beautiful up there....

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