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Its getting closer to my June wedding and I haven't booked a DJ yet! Can anyone recommend someone fun and affordable?  We will likely have a lot of requests for Country, Pop and 80's rock.  Yes -- should be quite the evening.  :-)  Thanks!

Re: Looking for DJ recommendations

  • I spoke to today and he was really informative, nice and basically said he charges $250/hour and will come up with your list of music, if you want to be very specific about what he plays, he will also have a do not play list. He sounded like a good choice. If you talk to him and use him, tell him you spoke to Danielle. I might use him in August!
  • My daughter used DJ Guy and her DJ was Casey.  He was a lot of fun.  We had a situation where all of the men were ushered to another part of the venue (by my brother for a special "men's" toast), leaving all of the women.  Casey had the foresight to play "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and ALL the women were out dancing, even those who never get to dance because their husbands/so's never dance.  Casey also led the group in doing the "Thriller" dance.

    We had seen Casey at another wedding and we enjoyed the evening so much my daughter hired him for her wedding.
  • MC Johnny Cruz - wow
  • MC Johnny Cruz - wow
  • If you want to trade ideas/resources about DJs with other brides, I'm having a get together for my friends and other Denver brides in a couple weeks. Here are the details:

    We started as a small group of five women meeting every few weeks to talk about everything from décor and logistics to the decision of whether or not to change our names. The best part of this group is that it’s a great place to vent our frustrations, as well as share our ideas and pool resources over brunch or dinner.

    The next meeting will be 8:30pm Saturday March 23rd at Ace Eat Serve off 17th & Pennsylvania. Ace Eat Serve features delicious Asian fuision dishes, affordable drinks, bumpin’music, and ping pong tables.

    Please RSVP by messaging me if you plan to join us so I can reserve space. So we know you’re with our group, please wear white and a crazy accessory such as a feather boa, lace stockings, fairy wings, a mask, tutu… you get the picture. Let’s pack this place with Brides Gone Wild!!!

  • Also, DJ Wulf is great.  He was recommended to me by several people and he is very professional but fun.
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