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Hi Ladies!

I'm trying to find a good place to get our flowers...

We are doing simple dark red roses, but my fiance and I both just found out we're losing our jobs, so our budget just got a lot tighter. I've looked at places like costco and grocery stores but I just can't get the help I'm looking for.

Any suggestions????

Re: Flowers???

  • spongejenspongejen
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    dawn with hillside consultants.  she is an absolutely wonderful person, and her flower ideas and prices are nearly impossible to beat.  she will also work with you with any budget you have and help you get what you need with the money you have.  she is fabulous!
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    My florist is Dawn with Hillside Consultants. She was amazing! She was easy to work with and easy on the budget. I'm sure she'd be happy to help you get what you need.
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    We are using Lauren with It's Quintessential. She is great and works within your budget!
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    Another vote for Dawn!  I met with three different florists when I was looking.  Dawn was by far the one I liked the best and turned out to be the most affordable, too.  She lives/work in CO Springs but commonly does weddings in Denver, too.  Here's her website:  http://www.hillside-consultants.com/

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    Another vote for Lauren, she is amazing to work with and has some great ideas.  She was lower than Dawn for my flower needs.
  • chelbell326chelbell326
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    another vote for Lauren!!!!
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    I work with the flower department at King Sooper.  We did a consult and they went over exactly what I wanted.  I had an idea before I got there but the lady I worked with gave me some cost saving ideas and helped me with some details.  All of my flowers are costing me less than $250. 
  • ka_connorska_connors
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    I am working with a florist that has wonderful prices! 
    www.kimballfloral.com/" target="_blank" title="http://www.kimballfloral.com/">www.kimballfloral.com
    Good Luck
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    We are using Oakes Fields out of the Broomfield area. They have been fantastic and worked with our budget. We met with three other (who were all very nice!), but we just clicked with Colleen - plus, I love her work!
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