Is $4.00 a chair cover a good price?

So got all my estimates back today for linen rental

Butler rents   $610.25
Cg blume       $488.23 
Event rents   $ 501.55

So Cg blume will set them up for me for free, no clean fee, but charges delivery.
Bultler rents only drops them off and the venue will charge me to set them up and has a clean fee and pick up charge
Event rents charges a fee to clean them, delivery fee and only drops off

So Im pretty confused if any of them are a good price??

Im thinking Cg blume because I wont be suprised by another bill after the wedding. But is $4.00 for a chair over and sash worth it?

Ladies what do you think?

Re: Is $4.00 a chair cover a good price?

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    latty27latty27 member
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    ... we are not doing chair covers because they are out of our budget.. cg blume looks to be the least expensive out of all three? i don't know what you are looking for but linen table cloth seems to see chair covers for 1.99 but you would have to set them up (or pay someone to set them up).. i will pm you the website. 
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    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I saw your post for the catering situation.. Sooo sorry you are getting so close!! I made a sugestion from a my florists, friends, company to my good friend and she was excellent!! Tell her that chris from cg blume sent ya and she will totally cut you a deal (or at least she did for her)
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    Laura SteffenLaura Steffen member
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    Are the chair covers really necessary?  You could pay $0.
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    In my casr they are definitly needed. The venue I may choose has UGLY chairs!! On top of that half are metal brown folding chairs so I totally feel your pain!!

    I spoke to chris at cg blume and she suggested I go with chair sashes on every other chair?? it saves me $80.00 bucks and still covers the yucky chairs?? But $3.00 buck and $4.00 with the sash is a pretty decent price.

    Good luck :)
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