NWR: 5280 Restaurant Week is here!

Yay!  I love this time of year.  Anyone go to this last year?  Are you planning on partaking this year?  It's always around my birthday so we usually take advantage.

This year we are going to hit up Shanahans.  Anyone been there?

I hear great things about Euclid Hall but their menu kinda scares me off.

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Re: NWR: 5280 Restaurant Week is here!

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    my FI went to shanahans once, he said it was pretty good

    i would go if i had the time, or money :D

    have fun
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    What about Euclid scares you? Great beer list, even for people who don't generally drink beer. Their food is good, but not anything super great. It's nice when you go out with a group as it's fairly inexpensive. I'd go there some other time though. Not sure that's a worthy 5280 player.

    Places to check out (I know the list is limited right now, but it always gets bigger): Duo, Mizuna, Bistro Vendome, TAG, Vesta Dipping Grill, Osteria Marco...

    I've been to Shanahan's and had appetizers. It was good. I would guess that you'd be getting a good value by going there for 5280, but it's definitely an American restaurant. No major culinary twists or anything.
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    Actually the beer is pretty much the reason I want to go to Euclid Hall.  I'm sure the food will be excellent.  Just on paper I was a little leary of some of the descriptions.
    But I love Rioja, so if Euclid Hall is anything as good than I can't wait!

    Oh I def want to try Mizuna too!
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