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As some of you know, I'm majorly stressed about this whole wedding planning thing.  Now, joy of joys, a new complication that I could really use some advice on.

We're 6 1/2 months out, and I found out today that my wedding coordinator is no longer with the venue that we booked.  I have no idea how long she's been gone, nor do I know if verbal agreements were updated in our contract before she left.  Thing is, NOBODY called to let us know.  And they haven't replaced her yet.  The golf pro (!!!) that is currently taking care of things for her is going to email all of the information he has on file, but do I really still want to get married somewhere that doesn't have an events manager/wedding coordinator on staff?

So, assuming we get our deposit back and look for a different venue, where do we look on such short notice?
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Re: Anything Else?!?!

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    Our venue also changed people and if i hadn't emailed my old lady i would have not knowen. But my old person was horrible and promised us things she didn't put in the contract. Luckily i had emails from her with all of our promised items so they gave them to us.

    Our new lady is very nice and more helpful then she was.

    Hope it all works out.
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    Just will work out........

    It is pretty crappy that they didn't let you know, for that I am sorry it was very unprofessional of them.

    I would recommend maybe trying the Crystal Rose if you need to.  They have several locations in Colorado, and have great service and wonderful coordinators. 

    Good luck!!
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    Who the heck is your venue?

    I found out that "sales managers" or "wedding consultants" that are employeed through venues often leave!! And they dont really have to tell you!! Its sooo wrong.

    I will keep you in my prayers tonight :(
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    ah! i have no idea, i just hope it all works out for you

    *knottie vibes*
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    You know, my venue's event coordinator won't be at our wedding, she just books the venue and does the tours.  My actual event coordinator is actually an employee of my catering company. This person will be in charge at the event, coordinate with my florist and cake person, etc.
    I would speak with your venue about their actual responsibilities and experience before you go re-booking. 
    Perhaps you could get someone from your catering company or an independent DOC.  Is this something that is part of your site fee or already paid for, cause if not, I would just hire someone independently and not sweat it.  As long as your date is in the books, you are probably fine. 
    Is she your wedding coordinator as in planning your wedding, and booking other vendors for you? 
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    She is the venue's events and catering manager.  They do not allow outside food and beverages.  She told me that it is her job to make sure my entire day goes smoothly... while she was not the one choosing other vendors, she said that she would coordinate everything between the catering staff and the dj (timing of events, etc.).  And, unfortunately, it is not in the budget to hire an outside DOC. 

    I guess my biggest concern is that, while we are still in the books, I feel that it is unprofessional of the venue to not alert its paying customers to the fact that somebody else will be handling their events.  The only reason I found out is because I stumbled across a job listing for her position while I was googling banquet menus for the facility.  And furthermore, when I did contact them about our contract and what is/isn't included in there, I had to call back five days later to speak to a manager because the guy handling the workload never got the information to me.

    It just all makes me very nervous as to how everything will be handled for our big day... you know?  If the ball is getting repeatedly dropped this far out...
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    Hey, Just a suggestion, but maybe you could hire a day of coordinator form a wedding planning business. If you just get the day of it's not too expensive and they are great about getting everything running smoothly!
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